Response Ability for Journalism Education Sponsors JEA 2008

One important way to potentially influence the reporting suicide and mental illness is to expose journalism students to some of the ethical and professional challenges as part of their university degree.

The Response Ability for Journalism Education project started in a pilot phase in 1997 under the Youth Suicide Prevention strategy and was expanded in 2000 to incorporate both mental illness and suicide.

In 2001, multimedia resource kits were developed and disseminated to Australian universities offering courses in journalism. While usage varies across universities, 100% of relevant programs have engaged with the resources and the project since that time.

Ongoing strategies for the project have included regular visits and offers for guest lectures at all Australian universities, regularly updated resources for lecturers and students, a comprehensive website, annual sponsorship of a JEA Ossie Award for mental health reporting, online student engagement and ongoing evaluation activities.

Response Ability is a sponsor of the JEA Conference 2008 and will be presenting a half-day professional development workshop based on recent consultations with journalism educators nationally about effective use of the resources and engaging with students on the issues. The project will also be hosting a trade display at the conference.

For more information and resources check out the project website


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